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    Copper Inlay

    Copper Inlay

    Copper Inlay allows the dynamics of FR4 designs and thermal management of MPCB. This is achieved by embedding copper inlays within the PCB. Kinwong has a wide range of types and capabilities for your design needs.

    Kinwong capabilities are as follows:

  • Inlay Shape: “I”,“U”,“T”
  • Inlay Size(X*Y): 10mm*10mm~40mm*100mm
  • Inlay Thickness(Z): 0.5mm~2.5mm
  • Inlay Dimension Tolerance: X/Y axis:±50um; Z axis:±30um
  • Height Difference: ±30um
  • Inlay to Conductors: Min. 0.35mm
  • For more information about Kinwong’s capabilities, please contact one of our Field Application Engineers