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    RF PCBs

    RF Microwave PCB

    Many electronic applications are seeing a need for increasingly faster frequencies. As frequency increases, the margin for error and/or deviations in the pcb is significantly reduced. The use of high frequency material like PTFE substrates, blind vias and tightly controlled etch tolerances are required to achieve such high frequencies.

    Kinwong capabilities are as follows:

  • Raw Material: hydrocarbon + ceramic filler, Hydrocarbon+fiberglass, PPO+Filler, PTFE + ceramic filler, PTFE + fiberglass etc.
  • Selective plating technology to achieve etching tolerance of outer layer trace width/spacing as +/-20um;
  • LDI, higher conformity to the original design
  • Layer registration tolerance: +/-4mil
  • Buried via/ blind via/ micro-via
  • Hybrid
  • Surface finish: Imm-Sn, Imm-Ag, OSP, ENIG
  • For more information about Kinwong’s capabilities, please contact one of our Field Application Engineers